CJS - 奖学金


纽荷尔教学与研究奖学金。 This program provides doctoral students with the opportunity to work with core faculty to develop and teach new courses and lead research.

总统学者计划。 Provides doctoral students with full tuition and is merit-based.

犹太社区奖学金可通过拉兹洛N.堡家族基金会犹太教育工作者和社会各界的专业人士,为在GTU在犹太研究一门课程提供全额学费。亚博体育竞技 Participants in the fellowship will become part of a cohort of students exploring the intersection of critical studies and Jewish communal endeavors. In addition to the course for credit, fellows participate in a two-day workshop on Jewish education led by senior faculty in the field.