神学与科学是CTNS的季度,同行评审期刊。 It features articles, editorials and book reviews on a variety of topics in the scholarly, interdisciplinary field of theology and science. CTNS members receive current issues in print, as well as online access to the current and all former issues. Please visithttps://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rtas20/current针对当前问题,并了解如何订阅/成为CTNS成员。

梵蒂冈天文台/ CTNS丛书科学和神圣行动

梵蒂冈天文台/ CTNS项目所涉及的两个机构之间的多年的合作。 The project, and the accompanying series of publications, focuses on the theological concept of divine action in relation to contemporary scientific theories. Featuring an international team of scholars including physicists, biologists, neuroscientists, philosophers, and theologians, this series consists of an inaugural volume on foundational topics (物理,哲学和神学),其次是科学和神圣行动的主题五合出版容量:量子宇宙学和大自然的规律(1993),混沌与复杂性(1996),进化和分子生物学(1998),神经科学和人(1999年),和量子力学(2002年),并与评估体积指向未来的研究课题得出的结论,在神圣的行动科学的视角:二十年的挑战和进展(2008年)。