图书馆研讨室位于图书馆的较低水平。 GTU and member school students, faculty, and staff can reserve group study rooms in two-hour blocks, a week in advance. To reserve please use the button below.





该键将你的图书证上签出。 Late fees apply, so please return on time. Failure to repeatedly return the keys in a timely manner, could result in large fines or a block on your account. If your reservation is near closing time, please return the key 20 minutes before the library closes so it can be checked in.


注意:您必须使用正式的学校电子邮件地址预订房间。 If you have any issues with the online room reservation calendar or are affiliated, but have not been assigned an GTU email address, please contactlibrary@亚博体育竞技


当前不可用,由于重排的空间。 Please send comments about the availablity of this room tolibrary@亚博体育竞技

数字化学习实验室位于库的下级是那个地方的创造性和混凝土走到了一起。 The space serves as a hub for with the world at large by serving as a technologically-enhanced collaborative space. The space is reserveable online and open to doctoral students, faculty members and staff. Note: this room is not soundproof and is located on a quiet floor. Please do not make loud noises.


这台计算机是数字化的音频,视频和文档的一站式场所。 The workstation includes an Epson scanner with a document feeder, which provides for the efficient scanning of multi-page documents. The scanner also has the ability to scan slides and filmstrips.

工作站包含的Adobe Creative云套件,包括流行的Photoshop,Illustrator中,首映和Acrobat的应用程序。


与DVD / VHS播放电视

由GTU库,并放在课程讲师储备国有媒体拥有的DVD和VHS录像带亚博体育竞技可以在媒体查看站耳机观看。 Located in a study carrel behind the reference collection, you can bring your own headphones, or use ours. First come, first serve.


幻灯片所拥有的GTU库,并放在课程储备可亚博体育竞技与视图框,该图像投射到小屏幕观看幻灯片教练所有的媒体。 The view box can also project images to an external projection screen. Available via the reference desk.


由GTU库,并放在课程讲师储备国有媒体拥有的唱片(LP)和带可在记录(L亚博体育竞技P)和磁带播放机上播放。 Available via the reference desk.


这个房间最近重新装修,并提供您的库指令会话或Moodle的研讨会。 It may also be rented for GTU groups that need a smart room to have webinars/virtual meetings and include the name of the software you will be using in the request. Please fill out this form, at least two weeks in advance, and we will contact you within 48 business hours about your request. If you do not need a smart room and have a group smaller than 10, please consider using one of our group study rooms.







  • 在密封的旅行箱包饮料是允许的。 Please- no open mugs, cans, or glasses.
  • 食品是不允许的。
  • 而房间中使用不打扰其他图书馆的读者的门必须关闭。
  • 对于学期的预订,请让我们知道你想什么“安排”在房间里。例如可在这个页面上来说,g安排是默认设置。
  • 如果你决定你的类会话期间移动的桌椅,请unlock and unplug移动之前的表。 Failure to do so will cause damage to the tables.
  • 触摸屏有一个Windows 10的计算机内置到它与PowerPoint等等,或者您也可以带上自己的设备,并使用HDMI和VGA端口,电缆连接。 Mac users may need to bring adapters.
  • 触摸屏,您还可以无线连接多台电脑到它,你可以像一个白板在屏幕上“画”。 Let Diandra know if you would like an orientation to these functions.



  1. 库和/或数字化学习部门使用的指令,方向或其他会议
  2. 亚博体育竞技GTU要求博士生研讨会
  3. 具有集成库组亚博体育竞技件,将使用触摸屏的其他GTU资课程(我们计划每个工作日只有一个白天类的常设预订允许图书馆的使用)
  4. 会议已经在其他房间不具备的技术需求,如视频会议
  5. 所有其他工作人员或教师的用途



  1. 库和/或数字化学习部门使用的指令,方向或其他会议
  2. 亚博体育竞技GTU课程,图书馆集成课程重点
  3. 会议,包括那些没有技术需求
  4. 通过GTU或成员学校教职员工和学生带领所有其他群亚博体育竞技体亚博体育竞技wap入口

晚上(下午5点后开始)和周末预订将需要指定一个人来预约的设备上训练和负责人:拿起从循环人员的关键,留下干净的条件是在房间里,把 everything off, ensuring the room is locked at the end of the session, and returning key to a circulation staff member. Staff support is not available for evenings and weekends, unless it is pre-arranged for an event.


学期的课程可能偶尔会撞到板房或其他适当的空间为高优先级的需求,比如在课程管理系统进行为期一周的技术培训。 If this is the case, we will let you know with sufficient notice, often months in advance, so you can inform your students.

协作学习空间 Configurations:

note: the default configuration is the G-shape please give us ample time if you want the configuration rearranged for your session so we can have staff available.


This room’s primary purpose is to serve as a meeting and training place for GTU library staff, short term library projects, and individuals who might be using the archives or rare books when the Archives Processing & Reading Room is in use by a library staff member or another reader.


  • Beverages in sealed travel containers are allowed if you are using the room for a meeting.
  • All beverages ARE PROHIBITED if you are working with archival or rare materials.
  • 食品是不允许的。
  • Please consult with the archivist for specific guidelines regarding the use of archival material.
  • 触摸屏有一个Windows 10的计算机内置到它与PowerPoint等等,或者您也可以带上自己的设备,并使用HDMI和VGA端口,电缆连接。 Mac users may need to bring adapters. Please let us know if you need assistance with the technology.

Reservation Priorities, in order

  1. Library meetings, webinars, and projects.
  2. Patron use for reading of rare books, archival materials, or working with the art collection in consultation with a library staff member.
  3. GTU-owned courses that have an integrated library component, such as working with art or archives, or will be using the touch screen (with a maximum of two courses a week).
  4. One-time, non-library meetings when all other spaces are not available.


Semester-long courses may occasionally be bumped into the board room or other appropriate space for high-priority needs, such as trainings with library vendors or archive consultations. If this is the case, we will let you know with sufficient notice, often weeks in advance, so you can inform your students.

While the Dinner Board Room is in the same building as the library, it is managed by the GTU adminstration. Please visit the President's office for information and availability.

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