1)寄存器,用于通过所述SONIS SRC通过输入SRC 9999,部分1,或SRC 8888,部分1,和的单元的数量。 If you are enrolling for multiple SRC’s of the same type, enter the total number of units for all SRC’s.

  • 要升级现有的过程中,使用SRC 8888第1节
  • 对于SRC这是不是一个现有的过程中,使用SRC 9999第1节

2)获得必要的签名。 All SRC forms must be signed by the instructor and include any other required signatures. If this is not done, you will not receive a grade for the course.

3)提交用于SRC形式SRC的GTU官。亚博体育竞技 The forms are available in the Registrar's Office or online这里。 Note that there are different forms for Doctoral students and Common MA students.

4)表格必须在截止日期前,这始终是逾期报名的最后一天收到。 Forms received after the deadline will result in Change of Enrollment and possibly Late Fees being charged to your account.


为了能够收到您的SRC的签署表格必须提交。 Any SRC's without forms, or with missing signatures, will be removed from your registration.